Image for Wisdom from the Wilderness: A Tikvah Parsha Project

This seminar, a first for Tikvah Online Academy, will help prepare Bar/Bat Mitzvah candidates and other curious students to gain a better understanding of three narratively rich parshiot from the book of Bamidbar: Be’Haalotecha, Shelach, and Korach. Students will see the continuities and connections within and across these three sections of the Torah, including the travels and constant complaining in the desert, the sin of the spies, and Korach’s rebellion against Moses’ authority, with an emphasis of the thematic and stylistic commonalities presented to careful readers of these parshiot. By presenting both the Big Picture and the closer textual elements found in these biblical narratives, this seminar will help students organize their thoughts so they can themselves present their Parsha is an interesting, even compelling, fashion to family, friends, and congregants.