Past Advanced Institutes


Fall 2021

The Great Speeches of Israeli History

with Daniel Polisar, Shalem College

The Hebraic Spirit of America

with Harry Ballan, The Tikvah Fund

Plato’s Republic: A Jewish Reading

with Jacob Howland, University of Tulsa

Is Political Philosophy Useful in Government? Lessons from the State Department’s Reports on China and on Human Rights

with Peter Berkowitz, The Hoover Institution

The Conservative Idea of Human Nature: On Irving Kristol

with Matthew Continetti, American Enterprise Institute

Can School Choice Save Religious Education in America? A State-by-State Analysis

with Jason Bedrick, EdChoice

American Defense Strategy in an Age of Great Power Conflict

with Elbridge Colby, WestExec Advisors

Religion and Constitutional Government: A View from the Courts, the States, and the Culture

with Adam White, American Enterprise Institute

Winter 2022

By Word and Deed: Ronald Reagan’s Foreign Policy Through His Speeches

with William Inboden, Clements Center for National Security

Lincoln on Slavery and Race

with Diana Schaub, Loyola University 

Homer’s Iliad: A Jewish Reading

with Jacob Howland, University of Tulsa

Blaise Pascal and Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik: Secular Modernity and Biblical Anthropology

with Benjamin Storey, American Enterprise Institute & Rabbi Mark Gottlieb, Tikvah Fund

The Moral Economy of Guilt

with Wilfred McClay, Hillsdale College

The American Legal Battleground and the Jews

with Jerome Marcus, Tikvah Fund

Summer 2022

Building Strong Families in Late Modernity

with Scott Yenor, Claremont Institute 

The Ideology of Israeli’s Political Right: From Jabotinsky to Netanyahu

with Brian Horowitz, Tulane University 

Israel-China Working Group *Invitation Only*

with Harry Halem, Tikvah Fund 
with Devorah Goldman, Tikvah Fund 

Fall 2022

Christian Zionism: Past, Present, and Future

with Sam Goldman, George Washington University

African American Political Thought

with Diana Schaub, Loyola University Maryland 

Federalism and the Future of American Conservatism

with Eric Cohen, Tikvah Fund 
with Abe Socher, Jewish Review of Books

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