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Executive & Administrative Staff

Eric Cohen
Executive Director

Alan Rubenstein
Managing Director

Yehoshua Oz
General Manager, Israel

Aylana Meisel
Director of Strategic Initiatives

Eytan Sosnovich
Senior Development Officer

Dalya Mayer
Director of Operations

Tobey Linhart
Special Assistant to the Executive Director

Vera Manevich
Program Administrator


Research and Teaching Fellows

Ruth Wisse
Distinguished Senior Fellow

Mitchell Rocklin
Resident Research Fellow


Website, Publications, and Online Education

Jonathan Silver
Senior Director

Avi Snyder
Website and Communications Manager

Tsur Ehrlich
Associate Editor and Lead Translator

Avi Woolf


US Student Programs

Mark Gottlieb
Senior Director

Binyamin Ehrenkranz
Assistant Director for Educational Operations

Simon Blekhman
Associate Director for University and Young Professional Programs

Gabi Weinberg
Associate Director for High School Programs

Kate Havard
Associate Director for Educational Programs

Gap-Year Programs

Shlomo Brody
Director, Overseas Student Institute

Avital Gold
Student and Logistics Coordinator, Overseas Student Institute


Israel Student Programs

Asael Abelman
Director of Academic Programs, Israel

Ricky Maman
Manager of Academic Programs, Israel

Hadas Lanciano
Program and Marketing Coordinator


Advanced Programs, Israel

Yehoshua Pfeffer
Senior Director

Chaim Navon
Director, National-Religious Leadership Program

David Weinberg
Senior Advisor

Yossi Green
Program Coordinator


Jewish Review of Books

Abraham Socher

Allan Arkush
Senior Contributing Editor

Amy Newman Smith
Managing Editor

Malka Groden
Advancement Officer and Advertising Manager

Kylie Unell
Advancement Officer 

Betsy Klarfeld
Art Director

Kate Elinsky
Editorial Assistant



Neal Kozodoy
Editor of Mosaic and the Library of Jewish Ideas

Dan Kagan-Kans
Managing Editor

Andrew N. Koss
Associate Editor

Rachel Friedman
Associate Editor



Akiva Bigman