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Leaders need ideas. Build your foundation.

Tikvah offers students life-changing learning opportunities and entry into a community of thoughtful young leaders, inspired by the riches of Jewish civilization. College students and recent graduates (up to two years post-graduation,) can apply to attend an eight-week learning and research fellowship in New York City or one of our three two-week long seminars.

We invite you to explore these opportunities here. Then, apply yourself or nominate a student!

These programs are generously supported by the Robert M. Beren Foundation, whose commitment to Jewish education, Zionism, and American exceptionalism helps sustain Tikvah and so many other worthy institutions of Jewish life in the U.S. and Israel.

Application Deadline has passed. 


Eight Weeks of Study and Research

Program Details

June 14–August 6, 2020

New York City

$4,000 Stipend

  • Spend eight weeks in residence at the Tikvah Center exploring great works of philosophy, literature, and political thought from Judaism and the Western tradition
  • Undertake an independent project or internship that focuses on a specific area of Jewish public policy or Jewish communal life
  • Present your research at a culminating conference led by Tikvah’s Executive Director


Two-Week Seminars: Mid-June or Early August

Program Details

Session 1: June 14–June 26, 2020

Session 2: August 2–August 14, 2020

$1,000 Stipend & Housing in New York City

  • Jews and Political Philosophy (Leora Batnitzky, Ruth Wisse, Yuval Levin)
  • America and Israel: Two Chosen Nations? (Asael Abelman, Samuel Goldman, Martin Kramer, Michael Doran, Vance Serchuk, and others)
  • Jews and Religious Freedom (Daniel Mark, Alyza Lewin, Meir Soloveichik, Mark Rienzi)