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A Community Dedicated to Jewish, Zionist, and American Ideals

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These are our core commitments.

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First: The Jews are an exceptional people; Jewish civilization is a treasure for the world; the Jewish state is a heroic achievement.

Second: American self-government—with its cherished principles of religious liberty, a free economy, and strong communities—is a precious inheritance.

Third: The rising generation of American Jews has a responsibility to enter the public arena—inspired by the great thinkers and statesmen of past ages—in order to defend our loftiest ideals and our enlightened interests.

Fourth: Mentors matter; young Jews need models of excellence in politics, education, journalism, religious leadership, law, and business.

The Tikvah-Beren Collegiate Forum is a community of select college students from across North America committed to the Jewish people and their flourishing, dedicated to the preservation of the American project, morally courageous in the face of ideological intolerance, and eager to pursue a serious liberal education. Our members can attend as many events as they like throughout the school year. Some are held in a digital classroom; some are in person. All are of the highest quality.

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Samuel Marks
Samuel Marks

Samuel Marks

Associate Director of University Programs