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First: The Jews are an exceptional people; Jewish civilization is a treasure for the world; the Jewish state is a heroic achievement.

Second: American self-government—with its cherished principles of religious liberty, a free economy, and strong communities—is a precious inheritance.

Third: The rising generation of American Jews has a responsibility to enter the public arena—inspired by the great thinkers and statesmen of past ages—in order to defend our loftiest ideals and our enlightened interests.

Fourth: Mentors matter; young Jews need models of excellence in politics, education, journalism, religious leadership, law, and business.

The Tikvah-Beren Collegiate Forum is a community of select college students from across North America committed to the Jewish people and their flourishing, dedicated to the preservation of the American project, morally courageous in the face of ideological intolerance, and eager to pursue a serious liberal education. Our members can attend as many events as they like throughout the school year. Some are held in a digital classroom; some are in person. All are of the highest quality.

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Jews and the American Presidency: At Home and Abroad

Recent events have only emphasized the immense importance of the US-Israel relationship, not only for the Jewish world but for broader international stability. In this three-session series, YU Straus Center Senior Scholar Tevi Troy, a presidential historian and former White House aide, will look at two centuries of interactions between the US presidency and the American Jewish community in order to better understand our current moment and the role of the United States. In the 75 years following the advent of the State of Israel, the relationship between the United States and Israel has become not only closer, but also far more consequential for America, for Israel, and for the world.

The Haggadah: A Political Classic. A Study of Essays by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

The most widely read, beloved, and perplexing book of the Jewish tradition is the Passover Haggadah. It is also a serious work of Jewish political philosophy. Rabbi Gamliel Shmalo will lead a three-seminar sequence that examines the social, civic, and political teachings of the Haggadah through the lens of essays by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Z”L. Rabbi Sacks helps us see why the festival of freedom is so central to understanding what Judaism stands for in every generation.

Courage on Campus: Fighting for Israel on the Home Front

In this three-seminar series, we will highlight the stories of courage and leadership of a number of our Tikvah community members. Students will have the opportunity to not only share their experiences and work with their peers but learn strategies and techniques for advocating for and defending Israel within their campuses and communities. We will hear from Alexandra Orbuch, Sahar Tartak, Zach Kessel, Sabrina Soffer, Jerome and Lori Marcus, and others!

Jewish Courage and the Zionist Spirit: A Semester-Long Project for Tikvah Campus Chapters

In the 2024 winter-spring term, we invite you to explore the heroic Jewish return to self-reliance. At a time when many loud voices are challenging our people’s right to a seat among the world’s sovereign nations, we should take the opportunity to educate ourselves, and to be inspired by those who created and those who sustain the miracle of Israel. We encourage you to take a stand for Israel by convening discussion groups that delve into this incredible story through books, films, podcast series, and tailored readers that can be used as guides for these gatherings.

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