Do you believe in these propositions?

First: The Jews are an exceptional people; Jewish civilization is a treasure for the world; the Jewish state is a heroic achievement.

Second: American self-government—with its cherished principles of religious liberty, a free economy, and strong communities—is a precious inheritance.

Third: The rising generation of American Jews has a responsibility to enter the public arena—inspired by the great thinkers and statesmen of past ages—in order to defend our loftiest ideals and our enlightened interests.

Fourth: Mentors matter: young Jews need models of excellence in politics, education, journalism, religious leadership, law, and business.

The Tikvah-Beren Collegiate Forum is a community of select college students from across North America committed to the Jewish people and their flourishing; dedicated to the preservation of the American project; morally courageous in the face of ideological intolerance; and eager to pursue a serious liberal education. Read below about the four main components of this initiative.

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