Collegiate Forum Spotlight

Adam Hoffman of Houston, Texas is a sophomore at Princeton University, where he is studying political theory. At Princeton, he is editor-in-chief of The Princeton Tory, leads the conservative debate society, and is Director of OUTPUT, Princeton’s club for social entrepreneurship. Adam has spent the past six months working at the White House, most recently for the Council of Economic Advisers and before that, at the Office of Speechwriting.

Adam Hoffman

Princeton University

Annika Nordquist hails from northern Virginia, and is Senior at Stanford University, where she double majors in Classics and Linguistics. On campus, she was the Editor-in-Chief of the Stanford Review, a member of the Stanford’s varsity fencing team, and involved in both the Jewish and Christian communities. Annika has taken advantage of lockdown to pursue internships around D.C., most recently at the Council of Economic Advisers and the U.S. Senate.

Annika Nordquist

Stanford University

Ashira Pollack is a rising senior at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women, where she studies Political Science and Jewish Studies. She is a justice on the student government constitutional council, the president of the J. Dunner Political Science Society, and a managing editor of Yeshiva University’s Journal of Political Science. After graduation in May 2021, Ashira plans on attending law school.

Ashira Pollack

Yeshiva University

Ben Simon is a would-be senior at Harvard, but he is on leave for the year and working as an analyst at Mechanism Capital, a crypto asset investment fund. Ben has participated in various Tikvah programs, and, like any good Tikvah bachur, he studies politics, religious studies, and philosophy in school. On campus, Ben is active in the Orthodox Student Minyan, Israel advocacy, a cappella, and the Harvard Review of Philosophy. Ben interned for Yuval Levin at AEI this past summer.

Ben Simon

Harvard University

Daniel Gutkind is a fourth-year at the University of Chicago, where he studies Economics and Fundamentals. He was a Tikvah Summer Fellow in 2019, where his research focused on American citizenship and identity among students in Jewish schools. He has led reading groups for Tikvah at the Universities of Chicago and Oxford and has also taught and co-taught high school courses within the Tikvah Online Academy.

Daniel Gutkind

University of Chicago

Danielle Efrat is a junior at UCLA, where she is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Labor Studies and Public Affairs. This year, she has had the privilege of serving as a 2020 Cohort at the Clinton Global Initiative, implementing an action plan designed to combat wage theft in Los Angeles. Outside of school, Ms. Efrat has participated in several seminars at the Hertog Foundation, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and James Madison Program at Princeton University.

Danielle Efrat

Univ. of California, Los Angeles

Jonathan Mack is from New York City and currently studies Middle Eastern Studies and Marketing at Washington University in St. Louis. Jonathan is a veteran of several Tikvah programs; most recently, he enjoyed a two-week seminar about religious freedom. In addition to his studies at WashU, Jonathan volunteers as a Firefighter/EMT in a local fire department. Jonathan looks forward to graduating in 2022 and is excited about what lies ahead.

Jonathan Mack

Washington Univ. in St. Louis

Matthew Samilow, from Weston, Florida, is a junior at Cornell University, studying Industrial and Labor Relations. At Cornell, he serves as executive vice president of the Cornell Republicans, a board member for the Center for Jewish Living and Cornellians for Israel, and is an active member of the Cornell Political Union. Last summer, he was one of Tikvah’s summer fellows, where he researched the history and role of the Bible in American public schools.

Matthew Samilow

Cornell University

Natalie Ecanow, a native of Highland Park, IL, is a senior at Duke University studying political science with minors in Middle Eastern studies and history. At Duke, Natalie is a leader of the campus’ AIPAC cadre, and is the communications director for AIPAC’s Southeast campus cabinet. Outside of school, Natalie is a research intern at the Hudson Institute. During the summer of 2019, she participated in the Tikvah Summer Fellowship, and was a TA for Tikvah Online Academy during the summer of 2020.

Natalie Ecanow

Duke University