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Economics & Public Policy

Douglas Holtz-Eakin

American Action Forum

Douglas Holtz-Eakin is president of the American Action Forum, former director of the Congressional Budget Office, and former chief economist of the Council of Economic Advisers. He has a distinguished record as an academic, strategist and policy advisor, including his recent role as a commissioner on the congressionally chartered Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. In 2007-2008 he was director of domestic and economic policy for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign. Previously, Dr. Holtz-Eakin was director of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies; the Paul A. Volcker Chair in International Economics at the Council on Foreign Relations; and president of DHE Consulting, an economic and policy consulting firm providing insight and research to a broad cross-section of clients. He spent nearly 20 years in academia with appointments at Columbia, Princeton, and Syracuse universities.