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Jewish Thought & History

Shani Bechhofer

Touro Graduate School of Jewish Studies

Dr. Shani Bechhofer is a senior consultant to principals, boards, programs, and philanthropists involved with Jewish day schools and yeshivos.  She regularly lectures, presents, and facilitates at academic conferences, professional associations, and community scholar-in-residence events.  Shani has been contributing to Jewish education for over two decades as a teacher, general studies director, menaheles, consultant, graduate school professor and researcher.  She earned her PhD in Educational Processes from Northwestern University, and has conducted extensive research on the Bais Yaakov movement, Jewish school capacity and change, and school leadership.   Her consulting services specialize in issues relating to personnel management, Instructional quality, leadership transitions, leadership challenges, systems and structures, accountability, and quality.  Dr. Bechhofer currently teaches for Touro Graduate School of Jewish Studies and Torah Umesorah’s Principal Training Fellowship Program, and serves as the senior program evaluation consultant to several key foundations and organizations involved in Jewish education.  She works with numerous schools and school leaders to optimize performance and strengthen strategic capacity.  Shani lives in Monsey with her husband Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer and is a proud mother and grandmother.