The Tikvah Scholars Program provided us with outstanding mentors that further developed my curiosity and zest for learning.

Ariel Mizrahi

UC Berkeley '24
Valley Torah High School '20

Tikvah has taught me to be strong with my core beliefs and morals, while simultaneously approaching life with an open mind.

Ricky Sasson

New York University '25
Yeshiva of Flatbush '20

I learned so much from the professors and moderators about the complicated matters of Judaism and how they apply to us today.

Gabrielle Bray

University of Virginia '23
White Station High School '19

Tikvah was a transformative experience. . . . I made absolutely incredible lifelong friends, and great connections with the outstanding professors.

Rebekah Grzebinski

Midreshet Harova '21
SAR High School '20

The richness and depth of the conversations, the high quality of peers, and the nurturing social environment all helped foster a love of Judaism that had previously slept dormant in my heart.

Billy Lockhart

Dartmouth College '24
St. Mark's School of Texas '20

My peers were insightful and committed, with a passion for learning.

Ellie Gofman

Stern College for Women '23
MMY '20
YULA Girls High School '19

The Tikvah Scholars Program invited me into the great Jewish and Western conversations.

Adam Hoffman

Princeton University '23
Yeshivat Har Etzion '19
Beren Academy '18

The Tikvah Scholars Program offered me a space in which I could approach the world with curiosity.

Lia Solomon

Yale University '24
Migdal Oz '20
SAR High School '19

The experience pushed me forward intellectually. Not only did I get substantive answers to the questions I was asking, the questions themselves were framed in completely new ways.

Jared Mayer

UChicago Law '21
Johns Hopkins University '18
Eretz Hatzvi '14
Torah Academy of Bergen County '13

I learned an incredible amount from amazing professors, and it enabled me to think critically about issues facing both the modern world and Judaism.

Alec Fields

Washington U. in St. Louis '22
Kivunim '18
Shalhevet High School '17

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