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What is the Lobel Center?

The Lobel Center is a new educational initiative committed to developing K-12 curricula, educating and supporting teachers, and partnering with Jewish schools with the aim of advancing Jewish classical education. Explore classical education and opportunities for involvement below.

Major Initiatives

The Lobel Center has four major initiatives:

  1. A NEW CURRICULUM: The Lobel Center has begun developing a new curriculum which will span every grade-level, from K-12, and include every key field of study—history, literature, Judaic studies, mathematics, natural science, and classical and modern languages. Our aim is to form educated Jews with a true mastery of the classical arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric and a deep understanding of Jewish, Western, and American culture.
  2. MASTER TEACHERS: The Lobel Center offers fellowship programs for Jewish day school educators and a new accredited M.A. program in Jewish Classical Education. We seek to draw new talent into the teaching profession and to support the very best teachers already in the field.
  3. DAY SCHOOL PARTNERSHIPS: The Lobel Center will work with the full range of Jewish day schools and yeshivas across North America and around the world. Teacher by teacher, department by department, school by school, our purpose is to bring the model of Jewish classical education into the curriculum, culture, and classroom.
  4. INTELLECTUAL OUTREACH: We believe the model of Jewish classical education can inspire young Jews of any background to understand the foundational ideas, stories, and texts of Jewish civilization and to explore how Jewish ideas have shaped America and the broader West. We want to draw Jewish students and Jewish families into this renaissance of learning.

For more information, please contact:

Amy Gabriel
Amy Gabriel

Amy Gabriel

Associate Director of Faculty, Lobel Center for Jewish Classical Education