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Jewish Review of Books

Jewish culture. Cover to cover.

The Jewish Review of Books is a magazine for serious readers with Jewish interests. In its pages, leading scholars, journalists and critics, including members of its distinguished editorial board, discuss and critically assess current (and sometimes classic) books about religion, culture, and politics, as well as works of fiction, poetry, and the arts.

Since the magazine’s inception in 2010, essays in the JRB have often driven important conversations on the web and in a wide range of other publications. Its founding and current editor is Abraham Socher.

Visit Jewish Review of Bookshttp://jewishreviewofbooks.com.

Articles from the Jewish Review of Books:

Tweets and Bellows | By Rich Cohen | Fall 2018
A Complex Network of Pipes | By Hillel Halkin | Winter 2018
Yiddish Heroism, Hebrew Tears | Dara Horn | Winter 2019
What If Everyone Is Right | By Avi Shilon | Fall 2017
Bellow, Broadway Billy, and American Jewry | By Ruth R. Wisse | Fall 2018





Advancing Jewish Thought

Mosaic features a full-length monthly essay on an issue or theme of pressing significance for Jews, Judaism, or the Jewish state. To enrich discussion of each article during its month-long residence at the top of the Mosaic homepage, we present periodic updates: an interview with the author, debates over the essay’s main contentions and conclusions, specially solicited comments by experts, and other material pertinent to the subject at hand.

Mosaic also features once-a-day “Editors’ Picks” of items of urgent Jewish concern from around the web. Similarly maintained and enhanced are the daily e-mail to subscribers and the regular updates from Mosaic’s editors on Facebook and Twitter, sites of ongoing conversation with our readers.

Visit Mosaic: http://mosaicmagazine.com/

Articles from Mosaic:

Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy | By Michael Doran | February 2015
Wagner and the Jews | By Nathan Shields | January 2015
Isaac Bashevis Singer and His Women | By Ruth Wisse | January 2015
The Temple Mount: In Whose Hands? | By Meir Soloveichik | November 2014
Can Modern Orthodoxy Survive? | By Jack Wertheimer | August 2014



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Hashiloach | השילוח

Named after the ancient water spring of Jerusalem—known for its slow and steady clear water—Hashiloach will offer the Hebrew reader a bi-monthly collection of long-form quality essays on different policy issues, from economics to strategy and society, along with philosophic accounts of modern culture, Judaism, and Zionism. Led by a dynamic Israeli team, Hashiloach presents the Israeli readers a unique type of discussion and fresh ideas for the Jewish state.

Visit Hashiloach: http://hashiloach.org.il/




Tzarich Iyun | צריך עיון

Standing at a crossroads between isolation and integration in Israeli society, Tzarich Iyun seeks to bring to light the best of Haredi writing, and provide a platform for real discussion of key issues for this community. It presents a true innovation in the Israeli Haredi community, where high quality writing on Haredi ideology and policy is all too rare.

Visit Tzarich Iyun: http:/iyun.org.il


Azure | תכלת

Ideas for the Jewish Nation

From 1996 to 2012, the Shalem Center published a quarterly journal called Azure: Ideas for the Jewish Nation. Azure provided readers with a forum for serious, in-depth discussion on such subjects such as philosophy, culture, history, economics, politics, and law. Published in both English and Hebrew editions, Azure enabled thinkers from around the world and across the ideological spectrum to exchange ideas and information, and to shape a common—Jewish and Zionist—agenda. The Tikvah Fund was a significant donor to the Shalem Center in support of this publication.

Visit the archives of Azure here: http://azure.org.il/index.php

Articles from Azure:

Keeping Life Human: Science, Religion, and the Soul | By Leon R. Kass | Spring 2008
Ethical Dilemmas in Counterterrorism | By Moshe Yaalon | Autumn 2007
The Jewish Mother: A Theology
| By Meir Soloveichik | Spring 2005
A Constitution for Israel: Lessons from the American Experiment | By Ruth Gavison | Winter 2002
Did Israel Want the Six Day War? | By Michael B. Oren | Spring 1999