What is the “Great Speeches & Great Leaders” Program?

From King David to Pericles, Henry V to Abraham Lincoln, David Ben-Gurion to Golda Meir, Winston Churchill to Martin Luther King Jr., Tikvah Online Academy is offering rising 7th to 12th graders a unique opportunity in August 2021: to study some of the greatest speeches and leaders in Jewish, Zionist, Western, and American history with leading educators, policy experts, rabbis, and intellectuals. Students will be able to choose from over 60 individual speeches across our three grade levels: 7th-8th grade, 9th-10th grade, and 11th-12th grade (including recent grads).

When is the Program & How Does it Work?

From August 8 to August 26, 2021, we will offer a different seminar every weekday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) and every Sunday morning and evening in each grade level. Our online seminar-style classes will focus on the careful study and close reading of short speeches and texts, with limited advance preparation required. Each speech will be taught in a single-session seminar.

Flexibility and Membership

By signing up for either an “Academy Membership” ($100/up to 3 classes) or “Premium Membership” ($300/unlimited access) students can pick and choose whichever classes they like. Register in advance or up to a week before a given seminar. This combines serious learning and maximum flexibility. No matter what else you are doing in August—camp, trips, home with family and friends—this enables any interested student to participate.

Which Great Speeches & Leaders Can You Study?

The menu of speeches and classes is incredibly rich and varied. Here’s a representative sample: Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” · Theodore Roosevelt’s “The Strenuous Life” · King’s “I Have a Dream” · Churchill’s “Finest Hour” · Golda Meir’s Zionist Plea to America · Pericles’ “Funeral Oration” · Shakespeare’s “St. Crispin’s Day Speech” · Plato’s Apology· UN Amb. Moynihan’s “Zionism Is Not Racism” · Menachem Begin’s “Against German Reparations” · Natan Sharansky’s Heroic Defense of Soviet Jewry · Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s “Response to Reagan’s Attempted Assassination” · Some of the great speeches from the Hebrew Bible, including Job, Ruth, and King David

Click to see the menu for: 7th and 8th Grade · 9th and 10th Grade · 11th, 12th Grade, and recent grads

Option #1:
Academy Membership:

  • Choose up to three “Great Speeches” classes, with advance registration
  • Price: $100

Option #2:
Premium Membership:

  • Priority & Unlimited Access. Sign up for as many “Great Speeches” as you wish for the entire 3-week program.
  • Maximum Flexibility. Sign up for individual classes in advance or up to a week before a given seminar.
  • Online Social Events. Meet like-minded Jewish peers from around the world.
  • Access to Tikvah’s larger community of Jewish, Zionist, and American ideas—including magazines, websites, podcasts, and events.
  • Price: $300

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