A Tikvah Learning Campaign

The Jewish people, the Jewish state of Israel, and Western civilization were attacked by an organized band of terrorists with little value for human life and human dignity. In this moment of great consequence, it is more important than ever that young Jews—and all of us—understand both the strategic challenges we face and the enduring Jewish values that define us. Our students need to understand the hard-won lessons of Jewish history and the pathway to Jewish victory. We all need deep reservoirs of Jewish faith and a clear-headed assessment of the political, military, and cultural crosswinds we confront.

For the next five weeks, we are offering a special campaign of learning—with 35 unique classes, offered live for 30-minutes (plus Q&A) every weekday evening and multiple times on Sunday, open to anyone who registers. Our target audience are serious high-school students yearning to understand and reflect on the current moment, but we welcome everyone: parents, teachers, gap-year and college students, and the broader community across the globe.

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35 Unique Classes
Weekday Evenings & Sundays
Oct. 16–Nov. 19, 2023

30-Minute Live Classes via Zoom with Student Q&A

Targeting Current High-School Students
Open to the Entire Community

Tikvah Online Academy students aspire to lives of meaning, integrity and Jewish Leadership. We believe that rich intellectual inquiry is the best foundation for such a life, and we aim to inspire our students with the best of our traditions - Jewish, Zionist, American and Western

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