About the Tikvah Legal Fellowship

Since its founding, Tikvah has brought together young leaders to study great texts and consider pressing issues with experts in Jewish thought, the Western canon, and public affairs. Many hundreds of talented students have benefited from Tikvah’s summer seminars, college fellowships, and advanced institutes — and many have been inspired to give back to their country and their communities in their professional lives. It is no coincidence that a substantial number of Tikvah’s most exceptional alumni have gone on to pursue legal careers. Law school is a crucial gateway to effective advocacy of many of the causes Tikvah represents: religious liberty, freedom of speech on campus, a strong alliance between the United States and Israel, school choice, and others.

Because of this, Tikvah collaborated with the Blackstone Legal Fellowship in the summer of 2021 to create a Jewish counterpart to what Blackstone has offered Christian students for decades: a formative legal training grounded in religious and constitutional principles. The Tikvah Legal Fellowship was launched with just five members, all of whom were welcomed by a vibrant and growing community of Christian law students — natural allies in the constitutionalist or traditionalist legal movement. The fellowship has grown since then, but the goal remains the same: to demonstrate that Jewish participation in legal advocacy matters.

Students who are accepted to the Tikvah Legal Fellowship will receive personalized career services as they search for summer internships or summer-associate positions. Students will also join in-person learning sessions at a retreat center near Washington, DC, alongside and in conjunction with the Blackstone program, from May 28th through June 2nd, 2023. Travel expenses will be reimbursed and Glatt Kosher food will be provided for Tikvah Legal Fellows. Stipends may be available for students who wish to pursue substantive law-related projects with Tikvah.

The deadline to apply to the 2023 Tikvah Legal Fellowship was January 15, 2023. Applications are now closed.

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