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New York City

A New Pro-Israel Foreign Policy

March 22-24, 2015
Application Deadline: January 15, 2015

Workshop Information

Workshop Syllabus

Instructor: Elliott Abrams
Stipend: $750 (NYC area) and $1500 (non-NYC area)

About the Seminar

A simple glance at the newspaper will reveal a series of strains on the America-Israel relationship: a mutual lack of trust, American sneering about Israeli leaders (and vice-versa), and serious disagreements on policy priorities, especially with regard to Iran and the Palestinians. At the same time, we are continually reassured that the bond between the countries is unbreakable, essential, and healthy. For the sake of America, Israel, and world Jewry, is it time to re-think the contours of that relationship?

Netanyahu and ObamaElliott Abrams, the recent author of Tested by Zion, a memoir of his experience working on Middle East policy in the George W. Bush administration, will lead a seminar on how to improve the America-Israel relationship. Giving full consideration to America’s and Israel’s compelling and distinct interests, we will ask the tough questions about how America and Israel should approach a volatile and dangerous Middle East.

American Ideas Papers

The American Judaism Workshops are meant to generate practical ideas to improve American Jewry, with participants leading the way. Each workshop participant will be asked to prepare and present his or her own concrete plan to address some of the great challenges and opportunities of American Jewish life. What can be done to secure the moral, intellectual, spiritual, political, religious, or demographic vitality of the Jewish people in America? What is your best idea?


Who Should Apply?

The American Judaism Workshops are aimed at men and women who wish to advance the vitality of the Jewish people in North America.

Applicants may include:

  • Rabbis
  • Educators
  • Scholars
  • Journalists
  • Government Officials
  • Any engaged lay leaders