What is Tikvah Open University?

Tikvah Open University offers high-level seminars—with master teachers, great readings, and lively Q&A discussions—for adult learners of all backgrounds.

✔ Experience a rich menu of courses on Jewish ideas, Zionist history, and Western civilization.

✔ Learn with leading professors, policy experts, and intellectuals.

✔ Our weekly online classes can be taken from anywhere in the world.

✔ Classes meet once per week for three to five total sessions and will run February 2021 through March 2021.

✔ All courses are $100-$180. Tuition is free for Society members.*

*Become a Society member today and enjoy free access to our exclusive offerings including Tikvah Open University, publications, briefings, annual conferences, and more.


"Wow! What a fabulous webinar from start to finish. I was thrilled by the question and answer period. I am tempted to ask, 'Was it scripted?' The thoughtful questions flowed so beautifully and complemented and enhanced the professor’s lecture so very well that it is hard to imagine that these were just random! I can’t wait until next week."

- Susan S., Summer 2020 Participant