Program Overview

Application: The Tikvah Overseas Seminars offers gap-year students supplementary programming focused on Zionism and statesmanship, Western philosophy, Jewish history, and more. 

The timeline to apply for the Tikvah Overseas program is as follows:

September 28th (11:59 PM): Application closes

October 1st-October 17th: 15 minute interviews with Tikvah staff (if you apply earlier, you may also interview in September)

October 19th: Students will be informed if they have been accepted to the cohort

Please read through the application carefully and answer each required part. This is a selective program with a limited number of spots, so please understand that we receive more qualified applications than we can accept to the program. We will take the time to review each and every application carefully and thoroughly. 

Program: Programming for TOS 5784 will begin with our first Friday Round Table at the Tikvah Israel office on October 27th. Over the course of the year, there will be nine Friday Round Table meetings. The schedule for the Friday Round Table looks approximately like this (on shorter Fridays, likely will be adjusted slightly for early Shabbat times):

9:15-10:00 AM: Breakfast

10:00-11:15 AM: Seminar 

11:15-11:45 AM: Dessert 

11:45- 1:00 PM: Speaker 

Seminars: Every student accepted into the TOS 5784 cohort will choose a seminar track. 

The specific tracks are TBD. 

Speakers: Each Friday Round Table features lectures and debates with leading Israel public figures on critical issues facing Israeli society and the world. 

Dates for each in-person event can be found on the ‘Friday Round Table’ page. 

After Pesach, we will turn our focus to topics students will likely face on college campuses. 

Shabbatonim: TOS will host two shabbatonim during the year. The first will take place November 24th-25th and the second March 29th-30th. 

Students must commit to regular attendance for all events and participants will be expected to carefully prepare the assigned readings for their classes. Since this is a selective program with a limited number of spots, we expect enrolled students to meet these reasonable requirements. Students who are unable to meet our requirements may be asked to leave the program. 


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