Semester I Registration Deadline

October 13, 2021

Program Dates

Semester I: Oct–Dec 2021
Semester II: Jan–March 2022


Students spending 2021-2022 on any shana ba’aretz program in Israel

Seminar Themes:

Faith in the Modern World

Jews & Politics

Zionism & Nationalism

Judaism & Contemporary Moral Dilemmas

TOS offers dynamic in-person lectures and high-level online seminars for gap-year students in Israel interested in Jewish ideas and their relevance to modern society. It’s an ideal supplement to the gap-year experience: a unique opportunity to discuss contemporary philosophical and policy debates that won’t get covered in the typical yeshiva or seminary curriculum. Participants build great friendships with students at over 20 shana ba’aretz programs looking to explore the burning questions facing the Jewish people today. You’ll become active participants in the Israeli political conversation as prominent lecturers and debate panelists expose you to the burning policy dilemmas of Israeli society. Our rich menu of online seminars provide platforms for you to think deeply about the questions on your mind: affirming Zionism in an era conflicted over nationalism; developing faith in a post-modern world; and bringing traditional Jewish values into a multicultural and sometimes hostile public sphere.

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