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The Tikvah Overseas Student Institute

For Yeshiva, Midrasha, and Post-High School Students in Israel |  חשון – סיון תשע"ט / Oct. 2018 – May 2019

Past Speakers

Speakers in the Tikvah Overseas Seminars are notable for their scholarship and their contributions to public life.  They are chosen for their commitment to education as a noble calling and for their ingenuity in engaging with the best minds of all ages and backgrounds.  This is a unique opportunity for overseas students to interact with some of the best minds and activists in the Jewish world today. Below are the seminar topics and speakers from previous years:

Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau – Spiritual Leaders and Politics in the Bible & Contemporary Israel

Dr. Micah Goodman – Jewish Identity and Zionism in Contemporary Israel

Prof. Asa Kasher – Writing the IDF’s Code of Ethics

Prof. Ruth Gavison – Israel as a Jewish & Democratic State: Shabbat in the Public Sphere

Rabbi David Stav and Rabbi Seth Farber – The Chief Rabbinate:  Halakha, Democracy, and the Challenges of a Modern Jewish State

Dr. Daniel Gordis – Zionism and Jewish Identity in the Diaspora

Dr. Avivah Zornberg – Psychoanalysis and Midrash: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Biblical Character Analysis

Rabbi Yuval Cherlow – Halakhic Approaches to New Ethical Dilemmas in the State of Israel

Dr. Yoram Hazony – Reason & Revelation: The Bible as a Source of Jewish Philosophy

Prof. Peter Berkowitz – Cultivating Virtue in Modern Liberal Societies

Rabbi Yitzchak Blau – The Relationship Between Values and Hermeneutics: Military Ethics in Halakha as a Case Example

Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari – The Relationship between the Religious and Secular Courts in Matters of Family Law

Dr. Meirav Jones – The Bible in Early Modern Western Democratic Thought and its Contemporary Implications

Prof. Gil Troy – Herzl and Ahad Ha-Am: Are They Still Relevant to Contemporary Israel

Dr. Aviad Hacohen – Religion and State in the Supreme Court

Rabbi Shlomo Brody – Does the Jewish Tradition Mandate Civic Enforcement of Private Behavior? The Case of Shabbat Protests and Religious Coercion Laws

Prof. Shlomo Fischer – Democracy & Halakha:  Theoretical and Educational Challenges

Prof. Menachem Kellner – “The Chosen Nation” in Biblical and Medieval Thought

Prof. Avi Bell – Military Law and the Double-Effect Doctrine

Dr. Daniel Polisar – The Missing Document: Does Israel Need a Constitution and What Should it Look Like?

Dr. Yoel Finkelman – Strands of Religious Zionist Thought

Mrs. Shani Taragin – The Canonization of Tanakh and the Religious Philosophy of the Book of Kohelet

Dr. Aryeh Tepper – ‘Dude, Whatever’: The Impact of Tolerance and Moral Relativism on Our Souls

Prof. Reuven Hazan – Electoral Reform in Israel: Prospects and Possibilities

Rabbi Prof. Joshua Berman – Reading Biblical Law in Light of Ancient Near East Literature

Dr. Yael Ziegler – The Traditional Reader & New Literary Approaches to Bible Study

Prof Daniel Lasker – Christian Interpretation of the Bible and Its Impact on Jewish & Christian Thought and Polemics

Rabbi Ari Berman – Judaism & Democracy: The Right of Minorities to Freedom of Worship in the State of Israel

Rabbi Aryeh Klapper – Majority Rule and Minority Obligations: The Search for Truth in Halakhic Discourse and Protocols

Prof. William Kolbrener – Biblical Interpretation in Milton’s Paradise Lost

Prof Joseph Weiler – Religion and State: Lessons from European Model

Prof. Mark Schwartz – Business Ethics in Israel

Rabbi Motti Bar-Or – Secular Batei Midrash in the State of Israel