On French Jewry and the Future of France

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In the last few months, both Jewish Review of Books and Mosaic featured discussions on French Jewry and the future of France. In light of last Friday’s tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, we have gathered the articles here.

The Twilight of French Jewry, the Twilight of France
By Alain El-Mouchan  | Mosaic | October 2015
with responses from: Ruth WisseJoshua Muravchik, and Michel Gurfinkiel

The Israelization of Judaism and the Jews of France
By Yossi Shain and Sarah Feinberg | Jewish Review of Books | Fall 2015

A Journey Through French Anti-SemitismJewish Review of Books | Spring 2015
Shmuel Trigano with a response from Ethan B. Katz and Maud S. Mandel

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